Something to Blog About

Sometimes a new trend can sneak up on us and be everywhere before we know it. The latest trend in online communication is called a "blog." What are these blogs you've been hearing about? A blog is short for "weblog" and it's a type of website where entries are made (such as in a journal or diary), displayed in a reverse chronological order.

What does this mean to you? At, we've started two blogs on our website: one for our property owners and one for you: our network of contractors (Contractor Update!) With these blogs we can provide helpful information as well as inform visitors of updates and changes. It's another way for us to communicate with you to help you expand your business. Bookmark the blog and check it on a regular basis to keep informed on the site, on our service, and on the industry.

How else can a blog help your company? If you have any information you'd like to share on your specialty, you can always send us some content to post in the blog. You can see an example sent in from a Concrete Staining Contractor in Louisiana on Acid Staining. Not only does this help promote his company on the blog, it's a great way to help his website with "search engine optimization." Since his site is linked to ours, with his company name displayed, it can help his website show up organically in the major search engines. This can be a very powerful marketing tool for your business. Email blog content with high-res pictures or links to your site to

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