Top 8 Tips to Creating Powerful Business Cards

A business card is an important tool to help market your services. It's more than just a placeholder for your phone number and company name. It's a way to make it easier for potential clients to find your business, refer you to others, to remember you, and to recall what you do.

1. Be Clear: Let them know what you do! If it's not clear from the company name, include a tag line underneath to show what your company can do for them.

2. Use the Tag Line: Call out your company's benefits. Don't list your services. Look through the yellow pages for your ad -- all your competitors do the same things as you, so list what you can do for clients (Lowest prices, Fastest Turnaround, Highest Quality!)

3. Use Both Sides: Double your real estate on the card by printing on the back. It costs more but it's a greater chance you'll be remembered. List more service qualities, list testimonials, or list your company's mission statement.

4. Consider a Folding Card: You can have business cards made up that will fold open giving you an instant brochure. You'll be able to provide more information that will hit home all the advantages your business provides.

5. Be Imaginative: Consider fun colors and interesting shapes. It doesn't have to be a black and white card. Colors might help you stand out when the potential client is digging through her purse, looking for your card. Also, think about having your business card be cut into the shape of a hammer, a drill, a screwdriver - just don't make them too large.

6. Easy to Read, Easy to See: Your contact information should not be small or be hidden. It should stand out and be easy to find. Include everything you can: phone, email, website, cell phone, address.

7. Branding: Make sure your business card has the same logo, colors, design, and font that you use on your website, on your magnetic signs on your trucks, and on signs outside your business. A consistent look and feel will keep your images branded and memorable.

8. Keep It Handy: While it's not a tip to help you make a business card -- it's important. Always have cards out, ready to go, if anyone asks. It lets them know you're professional and organized. And it's much better than writing out your company name on a cocktail napkin...

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Track Your Vehicles, Reduce Your Costs: GPS

It's sometimes necessary to drag you service professionals, kicking and screaming, into the 21st century. Keeping up with technology is never easy. But saving money, no matter how well your business is doing, is always important. And I've a new technology suggestion that could really save your service company a lot of cash.

GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) services have descended down into the range of affordability for small businesses. If you're operating two or more vehicles, a GPS service can help you to make sure your customers are being served efficiently, can let you know where your assets are located, and can even let you know when vehicles are due for maintenance.

I've found a company you might want to consider, called Universal Tracking Solutions out of Gilbert, Arizona. They are nationwide and could help your construction, remodeling, or repair business increase the bottom line (as well as enhance safety and productivity.)

Here's how it works:

They install a device on your vehicle that will let you track it on your computer in your office. You can choose how you want the device to be configured, choosing from features like location tracking, run hours, maintenance notifications, geo boundaries, start/stop reports, speed alerts, theft recovery, and more.

How it can benefit your company:

Being able to monitor your fleet can save you money. You can cut down on overtime (by as much as 10%), make sure clients are happy that your teams are showing up on time, and cut fuel costs from 7 to 10% by make sure the right routes are followed and no personal stops are made. All this can allow you to expand your service radius to bring in more job leads.

There are several GPS providers out there but what I liked about Universal Tracking Solutions is that they are not just resellers of a product. They contract the manufacture of their own product, own the licensing and software, and it can be customized based on your application needs and do their own SIM provisioning. All these things allow them to provide you the best pricing available.

Check them out on their website (link above) or give them a call at (877) 279-8877.