The ABC's of Closing

I found a post on the BNET blogs called the ABC's of Closing and it's worth checking out. What I like about the article is that it's telling you to recognize that you're not trying to trick a potential client into using your services, but you are instead moving them toward making a decision.

Here are some real word examples from the post about what doesn't work in closing a sale and what does work. See if any of them sound familiar to you:
  • INEFFECTIVE: The assumptive close. Ask the customer to make a meaningless decision that assumes a decision has been made. Example: "Do you want that in the hunter green or the hunter orange?"
  • INEFFECTIVE: The flyfish close. Promise something valuable then take it away if a decision isn't made now. Example: "We have a special offer - a 15 percent discount - but only if you decide to buy now."
  • INEFFECTIVE: The puppy-dog close. Let the customer try the product for free in the hopes the customer will fall in love with it. Example: "We'll give you the product free for your evaluation and only charge you if you don't return it."
  • INEFFECTIVE: The reverse close. Ask a customer who's saying "no" a question intended to elicit a "no" that actually means "yes." Example: "Is there any reason that you wouldn't do business with our company?"
The author also has some examples of how you should be funneling your potential client toward making a decision to hire your services:

  • "How does that sound to you?"
  • "What do you think about that?"
  • "What timeframe would you need for delivery?"
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