Providing Options to Your Clients

When your client presents you with a job request, your experience and instincts usually kick right in. You listen to the client to determine their needs, likes, and personalities. Next, you visit the future job site to view the remodeling, building, or design project. Right away, an idea pops into your head and you present your initial plans and thoughts to the homeowner or business owner.

Does that sound about right? It's how many of us work. And I'm here to tell you it might not be the best method. First, you're presenting a solution for the project what might be something you've seen before, have experience with, or have recently heard about. But it might not be the perfect solution for this project. Second, when you feed an idea into a client's head, you plant a seed. When it comes to the full execution of the idea, you might discover too late that it wasn't the best idea. You and your company will be the ones to take the blame.

By stepping back to evaluate the project before presenting ideas, you may come up with the best solution for the project owner. And by thinking about more than one possible solution, you'll be able to present options. Options are great on any building or remodeling projects because there will be obvious advantages and disadvantages of each. And the decision on which idea to go with will belong to the project owner.

Many fear providing options because it will confuse the client or cause them to change their mind completely on the direction of the project. But it's better to have them thinking about what they want, thinking about their options, in the planning phase rather than after work has begun.

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