Building a Contractor Website

At Construction Deal, we're in the midst of a website redesign so I thought it would be important to talk about making sure you get your site right. As a small business owner, you either already have a website or know that you need one. But it's important to make sure your site is effective or it's a waste of time (and money.)

How is a Website Effective?
First, it draws people in. Your clients are bombarded by 3000 advertising messages a day. Add to that the hundreds of emails, text messages, and phone calls. So, they tend to filter, skim, and edit what they see and hear. You basically have 3 to 5 seconds to pull in potential clients when they come to your site.

Second, you need to let them know that you can meet their needs.

Not Just Design - Marketing!
For the first part, a quality website designer can help give you a professional and modern look. Make sure your designer knows marketing and not how to make pretty pictures and flashy graphics. The goal of the site should be to let potential clients know about you and how you can help them.

  • Before and After Pictures
  • Testimonials
  • Plenty of Contact Information
  • A Call to Action: "Call Now!", "Request a Free Quote!"
Sell the Benefits!
For the second part, you need to sell the benefits of your company. Whether you're a general contractor, a plumber, or roofing company you need to let clients know what you can do for them. Don't confuse this with the services you provide: "We install and repair..." or "We remodel kitchens and..." or "We Do Everything!"

Every other general contractor, plumber, and roofer probably does the same thing you do. You need to be unique - your website should let them know what you'll be able to do for them. And it should inform them while they should choose you over your competitor.

Some Examples of Selling the Benefits:
  • Why Wait? Emergency Service to Your Door within 60 Minutes!
  • Save Money - We Charge by the Job NOT the Hour!
  • Don't just Keep Up with your Neighbors -- Surpass Them
  • Increase the Value of Your Home Today
  • Cut Your Energy Bills in Half AND Save the Planet
  • Protect Your Home, Protect Your Assets... Protect Your Family
  • Your Biggest Investment Deserves the Very Best
Look at the websites of all your competitors. How many just list the types of jobs they do. They may list business hours and contact information. But how many really let the potential customer know how their services will affect their lives? Very few.

Put yourself above the rest and provide a tag line or a bulleted list of all the ways your services and products will CHANGE potential customers houses, lives, and pocketbooks. They'll notice you and come back to you when you hit them on an emotional level.