Want More Cellphone Battery Life?

Someone was once surprised that my phone didn't have a camera. I replied to the person, "Yes. And guess what? My camera doesn't have a phone." But these days we can't live without our cell phone. It's more than a luxury. It's a tool that helps us conduct business. We wanted to provide you with some tips on how to preserve your phone battery while you're in the field, doing your job.

First, turn off that camera feature. And any other feature you don't regularly use. Besides the camera, disable the bluetooth capability, the video camera, and don't try to connect to the Internet (WiFi, GPS, etc.) These features use a lot of power.

Keep the battery cool. Leaving it in your truck or close to you, in a pocket, will use up battery life. Turn off the vibrate feature - it also requires more power. And keep the battery contacts clean. Dust and dirt will accumulate inside your phone, which slows down the energy transfer. Use a Q-tip and a little bit of rubbing alcohol to clean the metal contacts.

Finally, if you know you're not going to be able to use your phone, or you're going to be in area with no reception, turn it off. Just leaving it on burns up battery life. Keep in mind that batteries don't last forever. Remember not to throw them in the trash when they're done. They can be quite toxic and it may be illegal in your area. Check with the manufacturer to see if it can be refurbished. If not, dispose of it at the retailer or a local recycling center.