Keep Those Star Employees on Your Payroll

Most of us have had that perfect employee working for us at some point. Many of you may have lost those special workers when they decided to move on. You remember how hard he or she was to replace. Here are tips to attract and keep those really special (and hard to find) employees:

Hang On To Your Workers
  • Whether the worker is a technician, salesperson, subcontractor, or secretary you want to make sure he or she is invested in your company. But not in a monetary way (although, it does help.) It's important to empower your great workers. Empowered employees are generally happier and stay with a company longer. Empowered means you give them goals related to the success of the business, give them chances to be more creative in what they do, give them access to the same resources as everyone else, and give them the chance to organize their own time.
  • Praising good work does not make good workers stop working hard. Give those special employees special recognition when they deserve it. People not only enjoy a job well done, they enjoy being recognized for it.
  • People work to take care of their families. Keep family emergencies and situations in mind and allow them time to work things out. Don't let anyone take advantage of it but when they understand you know that family is important, they will go to the ends of the Earth for you.
  • Let the best work with the best. If you bring in rude or abusive clients only to force your best workers to deal with them, just for the sake of a buck, you could lose these people. There will always be difficult relationships in any business, but bring back a disrespectful client or not helping in a bad situation will push quality employees away.
Great workers are terribly hard to find. When you find them, you'll inevitably lose them. But taking steps like these can help make sure they stick around for a long time. You'll never know what you've got until it's gone, they say. Make them a priority and they will help your business grow for a longer period of time.

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