What Is Your Business Name?

As a contractor, you can make two choices with your small business. You can try to be all things to all people or you can specialize. And it always depends on what's right for you. But you need to make sure your business name matches the type of work you do.

For instance, if you're a contractor who does it all - from painting to plumbing to design services - then you should probably not name your company Frank's Interior Painting. The same holds true for companies that specialize. Joe's Contracting Service won't help your business if you only install custom staircases.

If you started out as one type of company, like interior painting, but have branched out to cover more work then your company name must keep up. Think about all the places you are listed - in the phone book, in the ConstructionDeal.com directory, in the newspaper, on the radio. Whether it's on a business card or in your email address, you need to be consistent.

Many fear making a business name change because it's a lot of work or it's listed in too many places. But the key to getting the work you want is to have your business name represent your business. If your name is too vague or too specific, you could be losing business. Potential clients need to believe you can do the job for them.

Your company name says a lot more about the quality of work you provide than you think.