What's Scary? Being on T.V.!

One of the nice things about being based in sunny Southern California is that is close to the entertainment industry. And the industry has come a knockin'..

A production company is looking for an Engineer. And not just any engineer. A structural engineer who also wants to be on a cable television show!

Could that be you?

They are looking for a male, age 30 – 50, with a broad engineering background, to be the host of a new series on a major cable network, to be produced by Original Productions – the
masterminds behind the shows “Deadliest Catch”, “Ice Road Truckers”, and “Monster Garage”.

Here's more from their press release they sent us:

If you are a male between the ages of 35 – 45; if you are physically fit, infectiously passionate about structural engineering, and committed to improving our country’s infrastructure; if you have a genuine and deep concern about structures and can articulate their problems for an audience to understand; we want to meet you for the chance to host a revolutionary new series that will expose the dangers of our great country’s dilapidated, failing infrastructures and consequently, advocate for restoration and repair. At this pivotal moment in America’s history, bridges, dams, and roads are crumbling and decaying right underneath our feet – and often, we don’t even know it’s happening. When infrastructure fails, empires collapse: it’s time to take matters into our own hands!!

The show will have this engineer be an advocate for the American people. Someone who will look out for us and our infrastructure. This engineer will need to guts to point out the problems and to stand toe-to-toe with the people responsible to demand accountability.

Again... is that person you?

If so, go ahead and contact the production company - - and tell them that sent you over. Please contact casting directors at Metal Flowers Media: or send an email to You may also visit their Facebook page,